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    Press release from 3/17/13 | Leipziger Buchmesse

    Eye and ear catchers for the spring of books: Audio books, CDs and DVDs/Blu-rays at the Leipzig book fair

    Audio books, CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays stimulate the senses for the Leipzig book fair and Europe's largest reading festival „Leipzig reads“ from March 14 to 17, 2013. At nearly 100 events actors and dubbing actors come and go and present audio plays from mystery story's up to philosophical works. Parallel to this there are more than 130 music events. On the occasion of their 200. birthday numerous readings and performances honour two revolutionary sounds artists: Leipzig born Richard Wagner and the Italian born Giuseppe Verdi. In addition, dozens of films and animated films will be shown at the Leipzig exhibition facilities.

    The actor and audio book voice Christian Berkel offers exciting entertainment with his reading of J.K. Rowlings novel "A sudden death". Director Mark Ginzler offers a "prelistening" of the audio crime drama "Nullzeit (Zero time)" by Juli Zeh. Goose bumps are additionally promised by the ARD Radio Tatort Night with amongst others Sönke Möhring. Ben Stiller's German voice Oliver Rohrbeck and George Clooney's dubbing voice Detlef Bierstedt present audio plays at the request of the audience, whereas Christian Brückner alias Robert de Niro presents the funniest audio book samples in Germany. Full of fantasy is the audio book presentation "Die Tribute von Panem - Gefährliche Liebe (The tribute of Panem - Dangerous Love)". With Jeanette Biedermann and Jan Hofer two prominent godparents of the DRK audio book project "Geschichten aus Liebe zum Menschen (Stories of love towards people)" are guests in Leipzig. Well-known authors such as Ben Becker, Abbas Khider, Eva Menasse or Sven Nordqvist give samples of their works in the ARD audio book forum. Audio plays additionally provide insight into the philosophical though realms of the US American author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau, or the church critical publicist Eugen Drewermann.

    58 exhibitors specialised in audio books exhibit their circular offers over a total area of 10,000 square meters. Too much? Too confusing? Under the title "Listen to books!" interested people can become informed about the highlights and acquire insider tips from the audio book area on a guided tour.

    Love, life, passion: 200 years Wagner and Verdi

    The composer, poet and conductor Richard Wagner was born in Leipzig 200 years ago. In line with the anniversary, actor Ulrich Noethen presents the audio book "Richard Wagner. His life. His work. His century" in Leipzig. In 25 further readings and discussions - in part with background music - the Leipzig book fair honours the life and work of the important artist. Richard Wagner and women, the composer and Judaism are equally under discussion as the story of his life between genius and madness. Also Nike Wagner, great-granddaughter of Richard Wagner is guest in Leipzig. She will participate in a talk about the relationship between music and literature "From Weimar to Bayreuth - Jean Paul and Richard Wagner". 2013 is also the 200. birthday of the composer Giuseppe Verdi. For this occasion television presenter Wolfgang Herles speaks with author Holger Noltze about his book "Liebestod (Love death). Wagner Verdi Us". And the publicist Lea Singer reads from her latest novel „Verdi’s final temptation“ about the infamous triangle story of the composer.

    Fair, music, music city

    "Without music", as already Friedrich Nietzsche knew, "life would be a mistake". He is right. But: Music at the fair? In a tradition-rich music city like Leipzig this is on the one hand nearly self-evident. On the other hand books and music have much in common. They bring pleasure to children and adults alike, stimulate the imagination and can at best open the door to new realms. So it is no accident that there are more than 130 musical events on the program, from concerts through special exhibitions or readings, up to workshops.

    An exhibition by the German national museum informs about the St. Thomas choir. The CalmusEnsemble with soprano singer Anja Pöche and the cellist Jan Vogler contribute to the Leipzig book fair. In their book "Slime - Deutschland muss sterben (Slime - Germany must die)" the German punk rock band Slime dare to make a 30 year review, instead of 200 years. That music and literature belong together is also proven by the novel „Der Dirigent (The conductor)“ by the New Zealand bestseller author Sarah Quigley. With his crime thriller "Goldkehlchen (Nightingale)" the author Andreas Stammkötter kidnaps the readers and listeners to the periphery of the famous St. Thomas choir. A total of 32 music publishers present their current programs in Leipzig.

    Literature and screen adaptations

    Who hasn't already experienced this? You read a book and a film starts in your head. Directors bring the film in the head out onto the big screen. How are literature screen adaptations created? Why are the novels abridged or supplemented here and there for the screenplay? What impulse did the director follow in filming this book? Authors and film teams will respond to these and other questions in Leipzig. Amongst others at the fair are the director and some performers of the successful fantasy book "Rubinrot (Ruby red)". Also to be experienced in Leipzig is the world premier of the film "First NSK Citizens' Congress, Berlin" about the Slovenian artist collective "Neue Slowenische Kunst" (NSK, New Slovenian Art). The inquisition machine under cross-examination“. Of high potency is the film presentation with whisky sample "Angels‘ Share - Ein Schluck für die Engel (A sip for the angels)". Documentary film director Rithy Panh will show his film "S21 Die Todesmaschine der Roten Khmer (S21 The killing machine of the Red Khmer)" in Leipzig.

    Animes, animation films Made in Japan, are popular here above all amongst teenagers and young adults. In the Anime cinema at the Leipzig book fair amongst others the genre classic "Barfuß durch Hiroshima (Barefoot through Hiroshima)" from the year 1983 is on the program. The film is based on the manga by Keiji Nakazawa, who himself survived Hiroshima and has processed his experiences in manga form. Amongst the younger star directors of the Japanese film scene is Keiichi Hara, who amongst others directed in "Summer Days with Coo". In a conversation he provides background information about his work. In addition film buffs in Leipzig can look forward to series excerpts such as from "Dragon Ball", "Pandora Hearts" or "Ina Yasha", and film presentations like "Detective Conan", "Der Ort jenseits der Wolken (The place beyond the clouds)" or "Die letzten Glühwürmchen (The last glow-worms)".

    Numerous companies will present their book trade associated DVD and Blu-ray ranges at the Leipzig book fair. Alone the joint DVD stand that is organized in cooperation with the FAM - Gesellschaft zur Förderung audiovisueller Medien e.V. (Association for the promotion of audio visual media) unites exhibitors such as Ascot Elite, Concorde, EuroVideo, KSM, Polyband, Prokino, Sony Pictures, StudioCanal, Studio Hamburg or WVG Media. In addition there are exciting screen adaptations for readers and spectators from exhibitors such as ARTE, AV Visions Hoanzl, etinger Media or Zweitausendeins.

    Press Contact

    Ms Sabine Drotbohm
    E-Mail: s.drotbohm@leipziger-messe.de



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