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    Book sales at the Leipzig Book Fair

    Starting at Leipzig Book Fair 2020 exhibitors are permitted to sell books directly at their stands and at events on the exhibition grounds. These sales are subject to certain conditions.

    The general and special participation conditions, as well as the technical guidelines of Leipziger Messe and compliance with the German Book Price Fixing Act (Buchpreisbindungsgesetz), must be observed.

    Booksellers or service providers in the book industry who are interested in organising sales at one or more exhibition stands should contact aussteller@leipziger-buchmesse.de. If you have any questions, we will be happy to put you in touch with interested exhibitors.



    1.1 General information

    1.1 What is different from previous years?

    Starting in 2020 the organisers of the Leipzig Book Fair have authorised the direct sale of books to the public, under certain conditions.

    All exhibitors can now sell their own products at their trade fair stand and events. Exhibitors are free to conduct sales themselves or to hire a partner/service provider (e.g. a bookshop) for stand sales.

    Nevertheless, new publications and authors should remain the focal point of the trade fair programme.


    1.2 Hiring service providers

    Exhibitors that are unwilling or unable to conduct sales themselves are free to find a partner. Partners can be bookshops or other companies. Contractual conditions must be negotiated directly with the partner/service provider. The partner must also comply with the General and Special Conditions of Participation along with the Technical Guidelines of Leipziger Messe. The exhibitor is responsible for ordering any services required for sales (e.g. additional exhibitor passes). Furthermore, the exhibitor is responsible for providing the hired service providers with all the relevant information or placing orders on behalf of it.


    1.3 Information for co-exhibitors

    Co-exhibitors will contact the main exhibitor directly to coordinate the stand sales arrangements.


    1.4 Book sales at events

    Book sales at book tables at Leipzig liest (Leipzig reads) event forums on the trade fair grounds must be supervised by the publishers themselves or the hired service provider. There are two tables available at the fair forums for book sales and two tables for book signing by authors/contributors. One of these book tables can be used during and after the event, even when the next event is in the Forum. The next organiser will use the other table. All books have to be brought to the book sales table at the event forum separately and removed again after the event/book signing.

    Leipziger Messe is not liable for book sales at the book tables, or for storage, supervision or monitoring of such sales. Any goods that are not removed within a reasonable period of time will be disposed of for a fee.


    2. Sales guidelines

    All sales are the responsibility of the exhibitor or the contracted service provider. Exhibitors are required to ensure that the trade fair runs smoothly regardless of any additional effort or expense resulting from sales. This applies to both personnel planning and book presentation.

    2.1 Adherence to fixed book price

    The German Book Price Fixing Act (Buchpreisbindungsgesetz) must be followed when selling publishers‘ products. Discounts and price reductions are prohibited.

    Inspections and test purchases will be conducted to ensure compliance. Leipziger Messe will report fixed book price violations to the trade association. In the event of violations, we also reserve the right to impose a contractual penalty in accordance with the Special Conditions of Participation (Item 16). Furthermore, we encourage exhibitors to sell all articles that are not subject to the Book Price Fixing Act at the recommended retail price.


    2.2 Tax and accounting due to diligence obligation

    Exhibitors must comply with legal regulations. As a result, all sales must be recorded and documented and handed over to the buyer as receipts. This proof substantiates the sale. Suitable checkout systems or records of sales must be available. The exhibitor is responsible for properly recording revenue and for bookkeeping. Further information can be obtained from your tax advisor or tax office.


    2.3 Authorised products for sale

    The Leipzig Book Fair is a novelty trade fair. As a result, authors and their latest books must be the main feature of the exhibition. As a general rule, only products intended for distribution through booksellers or for the manufacture of publishing products may be exhibited and sold. All products sold must originate from the company‘s own production, its own publishing house assortment or from the assortment of registered co-exhibitors. The following are prohibited from sale: Defective copies, remnants (that are no longer subject to price-fixing) or remaindered stock.


    2.4 Non-book exhibition area

    Non-book articles are permitted only to the extent that they fulfil the necessary requirements of the book trade pursuant to Section 9 of the Special Conditions of Participation and are sold by their publishers or producers themselves. Retailers who offer non-book articles only for resale are excluded from participating.

    Please follow the additional regulations in the Special Conditions of Participation, particularly items 3, 6, 9, and 17.


    3. Stand design

    3.1 Appearance

    When designing the stand concept, the required exhibition space for the book presentation as well as space and equipment for sales should be included in the plan. Publishers must ensure that the stand is adequate and that there is a sufficient number of books, particularly for the last day of the fair. Please refer to item 3.3 for stock figures at the stand.

    Some of the benchmarks for determining title quantities can be found in the sales figures for mobile cash registers from previous years, which you have received from our previous trade fair bookshop partner - Haufe Discovery GmbH.


    3.2 Adherence to stand limits

    Stand limits must be adhered to. Stand-up displays, tables or the like must be within the stand area. Any request to clear access to escape routes must be complied with immediately. When the stands are put up, different stand depths can create empty spaces behind the stands. If you intend to use this space, it must also be rented in advance as stand space. It is calculated in the list price. If the limits of the stand area are exceeded, the trade fair will either recalculate the rent or request that the area used without permission be cleared.


    3.3 Fire protection and storage quantities

    The permitted stock quantity of goods at the stand must not exceed the daily requirement. Additional inventory must be stored outside the stand. Storing empty containers and wooden pallets at the stand or using pallets to raise the floor or to present books is prohibited.

    In general, exhibition stands must comply with the Technical Guidelines of Leipziger Messe (PDF, 878.6 kB). Particular attention must be paid to the regulations regarding fire loads.


    4. Deliveries and storage options

    In accordance with the technical guidelines, the publisher decides on the number of books that will be presented or in stock at the stand, as well as whether any subsequent deliveries or additional storage space will be required.

    4.1 Package shipments and book deliveries to the trade fair

    Any shipments that are to be delivered and stored prior to the construction and trade fair duration can be delivered and stored by our appointed shipping company DHL, who is located on-site.

    DHL Trade Fairs & Events GmbH
    Messe-Allee 1, D-04356 Leipzig
    Tel.: +49 341 678-7244 / -7245

    Commissioned mail and package shipments can be delivered to exhibitor stands during setup and during the trade fair between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Shipments must be addressed as follows:

    Name of event
    Name of recipient/company
    Hall/stand number
    Messe-Allee 1
    04356 Leipzig

    During the trade fair, the entrance to the exhibition grounds, for example for service providers or suppliers, is possible via the access roads at Nord 1 and Süd 1. Entry permits are only valid for 60 minutes. A deposit is paid upon entry and will be refunded within the deposit period upon departure. It is only possible before the fair opens or after it closes to do significant stand re-stocking. Smaller deliveries are however permissible during opening hours. As long as the flow of visitors is not interrupted.

    Leipziger Messe cannot help with book transport.

    Detailed information about traffic logistics will be published along with the traffic guideline in January.


    4.2 Renting storage facilities

    Our service provider DHL will offer intermediate storage space for books and delivery to the stands as required. Storage space can be rented at the halls.

    Please contact:

    Heike Eckhardt
    Phone: +49 341 - 678 7247


    Andre Hackl
    Phone: +49 341 - 678 7244


    5. Stand organisation

    5.1 Stand staff

    If you need additional personnel for sales at the stand, you will be able to book them starting in January through our personnel agency for exhibitors in the online shop. All exhibitors will receive access information with the stand permit.


    5.2 Trade fair passes / admission tickets

    Any hired service providers (e.g., bookshops) will also require admission tickets to enter the trade fair. Exhibitors can obtain additional exhibitors‘ passes from the online shop. These tickets give the holder entry to the trade fair grounds from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Day tickets are available at the ticket shop; however, these are only valid from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

    Later, you will find information about various ticket types on our website at www.leipziger-buchmesse.de/nextsteps


    5.3 Electronic payment options

    We recommend that you offer visitors the option of paying electronically at the stand. Many past visitors to the Leipzig Book Fair have chosen to use electronic payment options.

    The cable internet connections from the Leipzig Book Fair provides the most secure solution for electronic payments. Starting in January, exhibitors will be able to order this from the online exhibitor shop.

    You can purchase or rent mobile payment terminals from various companies. The company SIX Payment, for example, offers suitable devices as part of the trade association‘s „Seitenreich“ benefits programme.


    5.4 Other

    You should be prepared to give change and, if necessary, have packaging like paper bags available for sales.


    7. Contact for your questions

    You can reach us at aussteller@leipziger-buchmesse.de or by telephone at +49 341 678-6950 for your questions regarding book sales.

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