About Leipzig Book Fair

Leipzig Book Fair is the most important get-together in the spring for the book and media industry, connecting readers with authors, publishers and media companies from Germany and around the world. They all visit Leipzig to experience a diversity of literature, discover innovations and gain new perspectives.

Leipzig Book Fair covers a diverse range of topics and trends in fiction, non-fiction and specialist literature. There is a special focus on a single host country each year. Focus Education presents the latest educational opportunities for all age groups, with a focus on literacy for the book fair's youngest visitors. The conference programme at Leipzig Book Fair provides opportunities for active participation and exchange through workshops and discussions for teachers, booksellers and authors (autoren@leipzig).

Thanks to our unique connection with Leipzig liest, Europe's largest reading festival, Leipzig Book Fair draws many visitors each year. The Manga Comic-Con (MCC) and the Leipzig Antiquarian Book Fair also take place alongside Leipzig Book Fair.

Sadly Leipzig Book Fair will not be able to take place in 2021 due to the corona pandemic. So why not join us for Leipzig liest extra from 27–30 May? Immerse yourself in the world of literature at selected venues across Leipzig and in readings in the digital arena.

Leipzig liest (Leipzig reads)

The city of Leipzig has been steeped in literature for centuries. Europe's largest reading festival celebrates this relationship every year and brings literature to numerous reading venues throughout the city. All to the delight of publishers, authors and literature enthusiasts.

Publishers have a stage for their authors and new literary talents. The Leipzig liest festival brings writers closer to their audiences and helps them gain new fans. Both newcomers to reading and long-time lovers of the written word will be able to experience literature and literary artists in personal conversations.