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    Das Lotusbuch - Ich bremse auch für Führungskräfte" and "Lotus Times"

    The "Lotus Book" and the accompanying workbook "Lotus Times" are suitable for all those who want to become a responsible life-shaper through self-awareness and transformation. Written in a humorous and entertaining way, both set many thought processes in motion and answer countless questions. With the models "Wiegand Lotus" and "Spiral Dynamics" you get inspiring tools to orientate yourself in the jungle of humanity. The Wiegand Lotus can give orientation to the failed and the sick as well as to those who are curious to start a self-exploration.

    In addition please find the "Soulfit CDs" - a small but fine selection of excellent fantasy and trance journeys in German that open the door to your inner world in a gentle and impressive way. Whether Merlin or the shaman, the birth preparations or the fairy tale of "life before birth". Feel free to listen in at our booth or our homepage.

    Because you are worth it!

    Soulfit Verlag Martina Wiegand

    Franz-Paul Straße 12a
    82290 Landsberied
    Phone: +49 177 5204953
    Email: info@soulfit.de
    Internet: www.soulfit.de

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