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    Press release from 3/12/14 | Leipzig Book Fair / Festival of literature "Leipzig liest"

    Discover. Experience. Read.

    LEIPZIG BOOK FAIR and “Leipzig reads” extend an invitation to a fascinating literature journey

    The Leipzig book fair and the literature festival „Leipzig reads“ start this evening with a grand opening. The events take place in combination with the Manga-Comic-Convention and the 20th Leipzig antique book fair. For four days Leipzig will then turn into a unique stage for literature in written word, sound and image. At the Leipzig exhibition facilities a total of 2,180 exhibitors from 42 countries (2013: 2,069 from 43 countries) will present award-winning, exciting, humorous, fine - or quite simply diverse - literature for professionals as well as for literature fans: from fiction, through reference and specialised books, up to literature for children and teenagers. Europe's largest reading festival “Leipzig reads” at the exhibition facilities and throughout the entire city promises to be a unique literary experience. In 3,200 events at 410 reading locations 3,000 authors and participants present the current new publications of the spring of books.

    This year Switzerland stands in the centre of the Leipzig book fair and “Leipzig reads”. 80 authors will present diverse literature and culture within the scope of the “appearance Switzerland” “For this year's Leipzig book fair we are expecting a special fireworks of literature”, said Martin Buhl-Wagner, spokesman of the management of the Leipzig fair facilities at today's opening press conference. “Authors, translators, publishers and reading enthusiasts will meet in Leipzig over the next days to go on a literary journey of discovery together. I am very pleased that we as Leipziger Messe are once again the hosts and platform for these numerous wonderful encounters.”

    The neighbouring country presents itself at the Leipzig book fair with a powerful “appearance Switzerland”. “There has been a deep literary friendship between the local public and the Swiss authors since long time”, says Dani Landolf, managing director of the Swiss book dealers and publishers Association (SBVV). “With this year's appearance we would like to voice our thanks for this very good long-term relationship, and together with the Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia, Präsenz Schweiz and Swiss tourism we have developed an extractive program. More than 80 Swiss authors will be presenting the diversity of literature, film, theatre, architecture, design and digital art in 150 events. Amongst the authors that are looking forward to the exchange with the international colleagues and the reading public in Leipzig are Melinda Nadj Abonji, Lukas Bärfuss, Ralph Dutli, Catalin Dorian Florescu, Jonas Lüscher, Milena Moser, Adolf Muschg, Michail Schischkin, Jens Steiner, Peter Stamm, Peter von Matt and Martin Suter. The appearance of Switzerland will thereby be sustainably anchored in the city: 40 red Swiss reading benches, manufactured by hand in Switzerland were installed last week on March 7th at various locations and presented to the city. Beyond the days of the exhibition they invite to linger and find time for literature with a good book in hand.“

    Politics meets literature: Program focus tranzyt

    Within the scope of the program focus “tranzyt. kilometer 2014. Literature from Poland, the Ukraine and Belarus” 40 authors from these three countries will be presented at the Leipzig book fair. “The dramatic events in the Ukraine, in which hope, but also outrage, enthusiasm, but also anger find expression, once again show how important it is to attentively and compassionately observe the processes in the eastern half of Europe. They relate to us directly. Not only the political events but also the literature that naturally stands in the centre of focus with tranzyt”, comments Martin Pollack, curator of the program focus point. The current highly volatile political events find their place in numerous events. For example on March 13. cultural scientist Vasyl Cherepanyn (Ukraine), Marija Martysevych (Belarus) and Karolina Wigura (Poland), co-founder of the Internet journal “Kultura liberalna” will discuss the influence of current protest movements. In parallel to the focus area Tranzyt, Serhij Zhadan will also be engaged with this topic. As active member of the current protest movement in the Ukraine, he will speak about the Maidan movement on March 16. together with Rebecca Harms and Natalka Sniadanko. A second large topic is engaged with the First World War. What role does the First World War play in the discourses of these countries? To what extent has the war influenced the literature? Three exceptional historians and publicists, Yaroslav Hrytsak from the Ukraine, Robert Traba from Poland and Uladzimir Lachouski from Belarus will be discussing about this on March 13.

    The literature from Central, Eastern and South Europe is also in the centre of focus of Traduki. The network for literature and books promotes the exchange between authors and translators from the German language and South Eastern European region. A total of 125 authors will be reading during the days of the exhibition. “The German book market is very important for the South East European countries. With the Leipzig book fair we provide a stage for still largely unknown literature”, explains Oliver Zille. For the first time Liechtenstein is already represented with six authors, Sabine Bockmühl, Simon Deckert, Jens Dittmar, Maurus Federspiel, Armin Öhri and Stefan Sprenger, and presents the fine and sometimes far too scantily appreciated literature of this small country.

    Premiere: Manga-Comic-Convention in Hall 1

    For all Manga and Comic-Fans the Leipzig book fair has a special innovation at the ready: For the first time the Manga-Comic-Convention (MCC) will take place as an independent event revolving around the topics Manga, Comic, Graphic Novel, Games, Japan, Cosplay and Music. During the days of the exhibition 167 exhibitors will be presenting over an area of 15,500 square metres. A total of 200 events, amongst them readings, but also concerts and workshops will present the fascinating diversity of this world of experience.

    More space, more comfort, more reading experience

    With the Manga-Comic-Convention not only an independent event has been created, but also more area was created. The gross surface area of the Leipzig book fair in combination with the Manga-Comic-Convention and the 20th. Leipzig antique book fair is 84,500 square metres, 15,500 square metres more than last year. As the area Manga and Comic has developed to an increasingly strong magnet for visitors over the last years, the MCC not only takes place in its own hall, but can also be reached through its own entrance. At the same time more rest and service zones, above all in the areas of educational media, schoolbook and reading promotion were created to provide a relaxed atmosphere.

    Reading Festival “Leipzig reads” with 3,200 events

    Thereby visitors can discover the treasures of literature far beyond the Leipzig exhibition facilities. At a total of 410 reading locations visitors to 3,200 events can experience well known, exciting and entertaining literature. Thereby the offer extends across German language authors such as Mirko Bonné, Kerstin Hensel, Navid Kermani, Angelika Klüssendorf, Moritz Rinke, Clemens J. Setz, Jens Sparschuh, Heinrich Steinfest or Peter Wawerzinek. But also international writers such as Margaret Atwood from Canada, Roy Jacobsen from Norway, Abraham B. Jehoschua from Israel, Jonathan Lethem from USA or Steinunn Sigurðardóttir from Iceland, Simon Beckett from Great Britain as well as Arne Dahl and Håkan Nesser from Sweden will be coming to the Leipzig spring of books.

    Digitalisation of the book sector: Leipzig book fair as discussion platform

    The digitalisation of the book sector moves young but also experienced authors and their publishing companies to seek for and also utilise new publication channels. The innovations associated with this stand in the centre of focus with three top-class rated events that will take place within the scope of the Leipzig book fair. For example on March 13, 2014 the book fair conference will hold a discussion under the title “Mobile, networked, multimedial? The way to the customer” about future strategies and innovative business models of the book sector such as E-books and Apps. The digitalisation of the book sector is also in the centre of focus of autoren@leipzig. Authors and experts from the sector will exchange their experiences In 70 sessions and workshops. The diverse publishing channels and their prospects of success will be presented. Already since 1997 the series bücher.macher (book.makers) has been engaged with current topics of the sector within the scope of the Leipzig book fair. The main focus is thereby directed towards the aspects of independent publishing. On Thursday March 13. Andreas Platthaus (F.A.Z.) with a top-class round of participants will under the title “Words & Money” show how work can be undertaken with demanding literature in a digital space.

    Attention editorial offices: Special press releases are enclosed in the press folder regarding the individual topic worlds of the Leipzig book fair (amongst others autoren@leipzig, Manga-Comic-Convention, Leipzig reads for Kids and Teens, Leipzig reads, Leipzig book fair award, main program focus “tranzyt. kilometer 2014. Literature from Poland, the Ukraine and Belarus”, Network traduki. In addition you will find the press releases at the website www.leipziger-buchmesse.de/Presse

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