Contact person for exhibitors, area prices, programme, communication and individual services


Exhibitor Service Leipzig Book Fair
(Mo-Fr, 9:30 am - 4:00 pm)
Trade Visitor Service Leipzig Book Fair
Visitor Service Leipzig Book Fair
Service Leipzig liest
(Mo-Fr, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm)


Oliver Zille
Director Leipziger Buchmesse / Lesefest Leipzig liest, Manga-Comic-Con
Kerstin Krämer
Project Director Education/Children+Youth / MCC; Head of Exhibition Management

Project Management Areas

International / Service Provider

Kerstin Grüner
Project Management International Issues, Music, Book art and Graphics, Anitquariatsmesse
Laura Büching
Project Manager International Issues, Austria & CH, Service provider, Non-Book, Specialist program

Education / Children & Youth / Reading Promotion

Maren Hein
Project Management Education/Reading Promotion
Alexandra Cwikla
Project Manager Children & Youth Literature, Fantasy

Leipzig liest / Public Publishers

Inka Kirste
Project Management Leipzig liest, Fiction/Non-Fiction, Science, Religion, Travel
Gritt Philipp
Project Manager Fiction/Non-Fiction, Artbooks
Marlene Riedel
Project Manager Leipzig liest

Media, Authors, New Business Areas

Gesine Neuhof
Project Managment New business areas/Project Manager Media/Authors/Prize of Leipzig Book Fair

Fair Organization/TradeVisitor/Exhibitor Service

Kerstin Scholz
Project Management Fair Organization/Exhibitor service
Kristin Naumann
Project Assistant Exhibitor Service
Raphael Richter
Project Assistant Exhibitors Service & Leipzig liest
Petra Krämer
Project Assistant Office, Trade Visitor Service

Program coordination Leipzig liest (City)

Benjamin Heine
Coordination Leipzig liest outside the exhibition center
Doreen Rothmann
Coordination Leipzig liest outside the exhibition center
Anja Kösler
Coordination Leipzig liest outside the exhibition center

Manga-Comic-Con (MCC)

Maren Hein
Project Management Manga-Comic-Con
Sassette Scheinhuber
Project Manager
Michelle Hammer
Project Assistant Manga-Comic-Con
Exhibitor Service Manga-Comic-Con
(Mo - Fr, 09:30 am - 04:00 pm)


Constanze Hilsebein
Julia Lücke
Lydia Schaffranek

Further contacts

Technical services department

Leipziger Messe
Technical Orders

Stand installation, fittings, furniture rental

Heidi Dietrich
Contact person for Hall 1
Yvonne Melinkow
Contact person for Halls 2 and 4
Kerstin Steinhagen
Contact person for Hall 3
Amrei Müller
Project Manager / Assistance FAIRNET GmbH


Kathrin Gruhn
Project Manager
Carina Menzer

Our Adress

Leipziger Messe GmbH
Project team of Leipzig Book Fair
Messe-Allee 1
D-04356 Leipzig